The difference between wooden slides and plastic slides
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Many children like to play slides. In order to meet the needs of children, manufacturers have developed a variety of slides. Whether it is from shape to material, the innovation of slides is dazzling. In various children's playgrounds, we can also often See all kinds of slides. Recently, many kindergartens have installed wooden slides. So what are the similarities and differences between wooden slides and ordinary slides?


Wooden slides are no different from ordinary slides on the market. No matter how diverse the shape is, the most basic structure is climbing, the three major structures of platform and slide. However, since the main structure of the wooden slide is made of wood , Therefore, the production process requirements for each component are very high. Generally, rose wood and robinia wood are used. Before the production of the wood, the wood must be treated to make it dehydrated and carbonized, so that the wood can meet the requirements of anti-corrosion, moth-proof, fire-proof and mildew-proof. .In addition, since the wooden slides are mainly used by children, the requirements for the molded surface of the molded slides are also very high, and the surface must be specially treated after being formed to make it smooth and free of burrs.

2)Life time:

Many people may have certain skepticism about the service life of wooden slides, but as long as the wooden slides are properly maintained, their service life is no less than that of plastic slides. The wooden material has been specially treated in the early manufacturing process of the slide. Under normal circumstances, it is only necessary to varnish the wooden slide once or twice a year to form a protective film on the surface, and the wooden slide can last for a long time. Come to such a conclusion, because wooden slides not only meet the needs of children's play, but also meet people's aesthetic needs, so they are more and more popular in the high-end market. I believe that in the near future we will be on more occasions see the wooden slide


Since the main material of the wooden slide is wood, the overall style feels more refined, and the unique shape attracts more children. Wooden slides can be seen in many kindergartens and communities. In addition to satisfying children's play and learning to exercise courage, slides add a layer of aesthetic color. This can also reflect from the side that with the continuous improvement of economic level, people pay more and more attention to children. The initial use of game equipment can no longer meet the market, and major manufacturers must also work hard on aesthetics. Now many wooden slide manufacturers on the market have launched wooden slide customization services, which can be customized for different environments such as kindergartens, communities, parks, etc. Design, make it perfectly blend into the surrounding environment, and even become a unique symbol.

Wooden slides and ordinary plastic slides have their own characteristics. The people who like it are different, so there is no problem with the product itself

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