Detailed analysis of indoor playground park material
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As a multi-functional and comprehensive entertainment place, indoor soft play park includes combined slides, crawls, drill holes, trampolines, ocean ball pools, guns and other facilities, so that children can achieve physical fitness and brain benefits in the process of playing. At the same time, it has the characteristics of safety, randomness, interaction and no power. It is a kind of children's paradise in the true sense. Indoor soft park are generally played by children, so manufacturers need to fully consider the physical and mental health of children during production, and the production materials must be environmentally friendly and safe.

The following is a detailed introduction to the relevant production materials and requirements of indoor playground equipment:

1.Naughty castle guardrail standard

Guardrails should be installed for all amusement equipment with platform heights between 1000mm and 2000mm that are not easily accessible. The height of the guardrail should not be lower than 600mm and not higher than 850mm (measured from the surface of the platform, stairs or gentle slope).

2.Conventional height standard

The overall height of the naughty castle should be greater than 2.8M, the height of the first layer of the naughty castle should be greater than 1.2M, and the height of the second layer should be greater than 1.3M. Of course, the higher the space height, the height of each layer can be increased accordingly, we generally reserve 10 Centimeters of space to do naughty castle decoration, such as the roof.

3.The height standard of sand pool

The sand pool must be made of soft materials. The height of the sand pool is not less than 450mm and the width is not narrower than 150mm. A soft staircase must be set up to enter the sand pool. The height of the sand pool enclosure is not less than 1500mm to prevent children from throwing sand to the outside world. Warning signs must be placed around the sand pool, and children under the age of 3 must play under adult supervision.

4.Standards for software products 

The soft products in the naughty castle use wood with a thickness of not less than 0.9cm, the thickness of EPE pearl cotton and sponge protection is not less than 1cm, and the skin is made of PVC material

5.Model classification of the inner guarantee 

The cover is wrapped outside the galvanized pipe. We generally use two types of cover, one is ordinary foam cover, and the other is peritoneal/granular cover. These two types of cover are made of EPE pearl cotton, different. The outer diameter of the ordinary foam pipe is 8.5cm, the inner diameter is 5.5cm, the wall thickness is 1.5cm, and the length is 250cm. The foreskin tube has the advantages of softness and durability, waterproof, dustproof, easy to scrub, bright and beautiful, sun-resistant, non-staining, anti-aging, environmental protection and so on. The outer diameter of the peritoneal/granular envelope is 8.5 cm, the inner diameter is 5.5 cm, the wall thickness is 1.5 cm, and the length is 250 cm. The foreskin adopts a new technology, and the surface is granular, which is more flexible than ordinary wrapping, and has better bending and stretching performance. The flame retardancy of the two types of packages is B1.

6.The material of the overall steel frame

The whole steel frame of the naughty castle is made of galvanized pipes, and then wrapped with EPE (pearl cotton). Our standard is to ensure that the pipes are fixed with a cable tie every 15cm, and the exterior is covered with bright PVC.

7. Where does the indoor playground park need a sponge? What are the specifications and features?

There are many places that need to use sponges, such as software platforms, frames, software equipment, etc. The cottons commonly used in naughty castles include ordinary sponges and pearl cotton.

EPE, also known as EPE, is a high-foam polyethylene product produced by extrusion of high-pressure low-density polyethylene (long DPE) as the main raw material. According to the different needs of the product, the thickness is generally 5mm, 10mm, 15mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, etc. It has almost no water absorption and moisture absorption, can resist oil and moisture, and can resist the erosion of many compounds. It has good antistatic properties and flame retardancy.

The material of ordinary sponge is generally polyester flame retardant high-density sponge with a thickness of 1~30mm or more and a density of 25~30kg/m3. It has the characteristics of heat preservation, heat insulation, sound absorption, shock absorption, flame retardant, anti-static, and good air permeability .

Compared with ordinary sponge, pearl cotton will be better. First, the density of pearl cotton is higher than that of ordinary sponge. Second, pearl cotton has better oil and moisture resistance, and does not absorb water and moisture. In this way, the service life will be longer than that of ordinary sponges.

8. What is the material of the plastic used in the indoor soft play park? What are the types?

There are generally two types of plastics used in naughty castles, one is environmentally friendly engineering plastics, and the other is acrylic sheets (plexiglass), such as some plastic square boxes, plastic connectors, etc. These are all environmentally friendly engineering plastics used, acrylic sheets It is also made of plastic. It has four types: colorless and transparent, colored and transparent, pearlescent, and embossed plexiglass. It has good transparency. Generally, acrylic transparent plates are used like sand pool enclosures.

9. Where is the leather generally used? What are the specs?

The leather is generally wrapped on the outside of the sponge, and the leather is used in places such as decorative boards and platforms. The leather we use has three materials, namely PVC, PU, and air film leather.

The leather of PVC is made of polyvinyl chloride. The specifications of the leather are 0.35mm, 0.4mm, 0.45mm, 0.55mm and other thicknesses. There are various colors, and it is divided into three types: matt, bright and pearl. Among them, the matt PVC surface has a grainy touch, the reflector is "diffuse reflection", no glare, and no glare; the bright PVC has a smooth surface, and the reflector has mirror reflection and glare; pearlescent is produced by the parallel arrangement of fine flakes with high refractive index. , only reflects part of the incident light. The combustion grades of these three materials all reach the B1 level.

The leather of PU is made of polyurethane synthetic environmentally friendly leather. The thickness of the leather is customized according to the actual situation. There are thicknesses such as 0.35~1.0mm, and there are matte and matte types. Lead, high PA, heavy metals, high P value, o-benzene, organic tin compounds, APEO, DMF have all passed the national environmental protection test.

The material of the air film skin is generally used for products that need to be installed with fans, such as octopus. Usually a thickness of 0.5mm is used.

10. How to deal with the ground of indoor soft park?

There are generally two ways to deal with the ground: one is the floor mat, and the other is the floor glue. There are two kinds of floor mats: one is ordinary floor mat, the second is dark blue floor mat, the material is EVA, but the second kind of floor mat is better than the first kind of floor mat. In fact, the better way to treat the ground is to make floor glue, but the relative cost is higher. Floor glue is mainly made of PVC resin and flame retardant, and the thickness is generally 1.0~8.0mm. Plain colors are available in a variety of color options, and custom spray patterns are also available. The stains of the floor glue are easier to take care of, the pattern on the surface will never wear out, the foot feel is more comfortable than the floor mat, non-toxic and safe, the product has passed the fire test (B1 level), formaldehyde test, heavy metal test, and can be used for children's physical fitness projects . The thickness of 1.0~2.0mm in the naughty castle area is commonly used.

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