How to open a indoor trampoline park ?
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As a multi-functional leisure method combining sports and entertainment, indoor trampoline parks have long been widely known. Its market popularity is also increasing year by year, attracting many investors' attention. Today, let's talk about the procedures and procedures required to open a trampoline park.

1.Evaluate the feasibility of investing in a trampoline park (10-15 days)

In recent years, indoor trampoline parks have developed rapidly and are deeply loved by children and with a promising market prospect. As an investor, you should first analyze whether you have sufficient conditions to support the investment in the indoor trampoline park: project prospects, investment budget, rate of return calculation, etc.

2.Analysis on relevant information such as the location , crowd positioning and peer business types (15-20 days)

The location of the trampoline park plays a key role in 70% of the future profits. We recommend selecting areas with shopping malls, residential areas, schools, and other institutions nearby. These areas have a concentrated flow of people, which can save a lot of promotion costs in the future. In addition, it is also important to make accurate population positioning based on the proportion of population structure. For example, if there are many children around, add more items suitable for children to play in the trampoline park. If there are many adults around, you can choose projects that are suitable for adults, such as expanding and breaking barriers, climbing rock walls etc. Alternatively, we can set up functional areas according to age. Meanwhile, checking the operation of competitor within 5-20 kilometers around the trampoline park, which can provide important reference data for us to conduct differentiated operations, consumer habits, ticket price and marketing planning.

3.Find suitable trampoline venue (7 days)

a) For indoor trampoline park, the higher the floor is the better, which allows you to choose high altitude projects such as the Devil's Slide and dry land skiing. Also it’s easy for later upgrade and transformation of indoor trampoline park.

b) Generally, the floor height should be at least 5.2m for adults and 4.5m for children indoor trampoline park.

c) Irregular venues or venues with many columns is not the best location option, such venues will affect the design planning, venue utilization and customer experience of the trampoline park. Avoid selecting site in the basement or above 3 floor to avoid future fire approval failures.

4.Handle the business procedures and fire audit procedures for the trampoline park (15-30 days)

Generally, there are three basic procedures required for a trampoline park: business license, fire protection license and hygiene license. According to local government, investor have to get required license.

5.Choose manufacturer of indoor trampoline park and supply CAD drawing.

The equipment of the trampoline park is the core of the entire trampoline hall, it is necessary to be careful when selecting manufacturers. Due to its special sports attributes, trampoline safety is the most prominent issue in the later stage of venue management. Customer safety is the cornerstone of the venue's survival. Therefore, when selecting manufacturers, more attention should be paid to product quality, safety, and workmanship, rather than selecting factories who attract customers by reducing quality and lowing prices. At the same time, it is necessary to send detailed site information to manufacturer, preferably CAD files, to facilitate accurate design by designers

6.Communicate with manufacturers on the design of trampoline park (5-15 days)

A single function is not so attractive to customers. We suggest to make trampoline parks combined with multiple functions. You can communicate your ideas with designers to determine the most perfect design.

7.Production ,deliver and installation(15-50 days)

Once the design is confirmed, manufacturer will start production of trampoline equipment and delivery as required. We will re-install the necessary parts before delivery and send you installation manual, if any question during installation, video call is 24 hours standby.

Above is the general steps to open an indoor trampoline park, it takes about 2-5 month to finish all. Please note it well to catch your investment plan.

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