How to maintenance the indoor trampoline park
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Investing in an indoor trampoline park requires research and preparation in advance as well as routine maintenance in the later stages. In many indoor trampoline park, in order to save money, employees are assigned to perform maintenance work. Therefore, it is very important to learn some maintenance knowledge.

1.Maintenance cycle of trampoline park:

1)Routine inspection of equipment operation shall be conducted once a week to check whether the trampoline work normally and any abnormalities, any strange sound or reset condition on the device.

2)The safety performance of the equipment shall be inspected and maintained once a month to check whether there is any damage of the equipment, any loose screws, any springs broken or deformed.

2.Key points for maintenance of trampoline equipment

1)Inspection the spring at the bottom of trampoline: check for deformation and rust; Whether the spring can return to original position under the static state.The stretching of the spring indicates that the spring pressure is insufficient and needs to be replaced.

2)Trampoline surface inspection: whether there are cracks on the trampoline surface, whether the middle seam is open, whether there are obvious lines on the surface, whether the magic patch splicing is aligned.

3)Inspection of protective soft bags: whether the surface is cracked, whether there are bare leaks, whether there is any disconnection, whether the sponge pads in the soft pads are displaced or deformed (if there is displacement, open the zipper, and rearrange them neatly), whether the seams of the soft pads and stickers are aligned (no movement, no alignment, and arranged neatly).

4)Inspection for main frame: whether each screw is loosen or falling off, whether the bottom is shaking, whether the steel pipe is broken or corroded.

5)Sponge pool, spider tower, ball pool inspection: Clean once a month, remove all sponge blocks, clean the bottom dirt, and scrub the swimming pool under the cushion.

6)Equipment peripheral inspection: check whether there is any foreign matter falling off near the equipment

7)Inspection of protective net: whether the surrounding protective net is firm, and whether the net rope has fallen off or broken.

3.Regularly disinfect and clean the trampoline

1)First, wipe it with a wet towel. If there is stain, it would be better to use a non bubble towel to wring and scrub it to prevent the inner gallbladder from getting wet and causing harmful bacteria such as mold to grow in the gallbladder.

2)Disinfection: UV irradiation is recommended.

4.The trampoline field requires regular replacement of spare parts

Any damaged or expired parts should be replaced promptly

5.Other requirements

1)No sundries at the bottom of the trampoline steel frame.

2)Regularly clean inflatable products to avoid breeding bacteria.

3)Each component should be kept in stock (such as bungee jumping surfaces, springs).

4)Avoid carrying hard objects (such as needles, keys, etc.) into the trampoline park to avoid causing safety issues on the trampoline

5)If no hidden dangers founded, further preventive measures should be taken for the equipment based on the actual situation. According to the actual passenger flow on site, the maintenance time can be shortened.

6)It is recommended to prepare a list. Regularly and quantitatively inspect and record

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