What is the most suitable area of the Naughty Castle?
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The indoor naughty castle park has gradually become a multi-function children's amusement complex. We can see naughty castle park everywhere. Because of its low cost and high rate of return, indoor naughty castle become the first choice for many people to start a business. However, many investor don’t know how large the area of the indoor naughty castle park is when choosing it. They don’t know how large the area of the indoor naughty castle park is. If choose a too big area, there might a waste. If choose a too small area, they can’t put enough equipment. These problems are often encountered by investor. How large the area of  indoor naughty castle park is appropriate? Today, let's analyze it for commercial use.

1、 Combined with personal investment needs

The most important factor is the geographical location, such as first-tier cities and third-tier and fourth-tier cities. The area required by each region is different. Because the consumption level and competitiveness of each city are different, investors need to plan in advance.Usually first-tier and second-tier cities demand high quality of indoor naughty castle park and the corresponding price is relatively expensive. We suggest to choose a big area,such as 300-500 square meters, to meet the needs of different consumers and play items, and improve the competitiveness on indoor naughty castle park. You can choose 100-200 square meters in the third and fourth tier cities or counties to meet the market demands there.

2、Local child-scale consumption demand

Generally, a 100-square-meter indoor naughty castle park can accommodate 30-50 children one day. If you don't know the capacity of indoor naughty castle park, you can estimate it according to the "2/8 rules", that is, 20 target consumer groups can be obtained from 100 customers, and so on. However, this model is not suitable for the profit budget of the children's park in the region. It is still necessary to take into account the number of local children, the age of children and the surrounding competition.

3、 Investigation of surrounding environment

When selecting the site, we must examine whether the conditions near it are conducive to the business of indoor naughty castle park, such as the number of people, the number and scale of competitors, and how many community or kindergartens are nearby. These factors directly affect our operation. You will find that it is very difficult to find a suitable place for naughty castle park in places with visitor flowrate (shopping malls, supermarkets, residential areas, etc.), and the rent cost there is always expensive. This needs to consider another factor, capital cost.

4、Capital strength

It is necessary to have sufficient financial support to open a naughty castle park. The best area to choose depends on the budget. If investors have sufficient funds, it is recommended to open a bigger naughty castle park, such as 500-1000 square meters, so that more amusement projects can be configured to meet the needs of different users. If the budget is limited, you can also make money with 100㎡ indoor naughty castle park by choosing a good location, a suitable design style and reasonable operation.

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