Children Indoor Playground Park Security Risks And Countermeasures
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As one of children's favorite amusement facilities, indoor soft playground is crowded every holiday. Have you noticed some security risks in the naughty castle? How should we respond? Let’s discuss more about it

 Security risks:

1.Some children's naughty castle slides are not equipped with handrails, and there is no special person to take care of them, children are more likely to fall;

2.Children's naughty castles are equipped with many protective nets, which can protect children when they play on higher equipment. However, the gap in the protective net is wide, and it is easy for a child's foot to get caught in it.

3.Some equipment built with sponges and wooden boards, the corners are deformed, and children may reach in and accidentally trip over;

4.Some amusement parks have barbed wire that kids love to play with, and once they put their hands in the net, it can easily cause swelling and injury.

5.When playing on the trampoline, children will easily break their hands when they fall, and frequent use will cause the spring wire at the junction of the edge of the "bed surface" and the bed frame to be lifted due to deformation, causing serious safety hazards;

6.There are various sundries such as peels, paper scraps, hair and even sharp hard objects under many ocean ball pools. The staff have not cleaned and disinfected regularly, and the sanitary conditions are worrying.

7.Most of the children's naughty castles do not have health examinations for children entering the park, do not reject sick customers, and do not wash their hands or measure temperature before entering the park.

8.If there are too many children playing, the scene can easily get out of control and even cause stampede.


1.Safer and firmer treatment of the fence of the project, and anti-skid treatment of the ground;

2.Set up venue safety warning signs;

3.Discourage and remind children of inappropriate ways of dressing and playing.

4.Eliminate various safety hazards in the venue, and ensure that there are no exposed protruding sharp objects in places where children may come into contact with in the park.

5.Regular cleaning and maintenance of children's naughty castle

6.It is necessary to set aside a fire passage, and ensure that there is a passage of more than two meters wide, so as to leave a way of life for evacuation for hidden dangers such as fire. Therefore, when designing the venue facilities, it cannot be placed too full.

7.Keep fire extinguishers in visible locations and regularly inspect and replace expired fire extinguishers. At the same time, there are emergency lights and evacuation signs in the park.

8.On-site staff requirements

Four knows: know the fire hazards in this position; know the measures to prevent fires; know the methods of fighting fires; know the methods of escape;

Four will: will call the police; will put out the initial fire; will organize evacuation and escape; will use fire-fighting equipment.

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