What are the precautions for outdoor bouncy castles?
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The large bouncy castle park is a new generation of children's entertainment facilities. It is designed according to the characteristics of children. It has slides, various animal shapes and rich entertainment items, so it is very popular among children. It is safe, watchable, novel, colorful and durable. Made of super tarpaulin, it is a highly comprehensive children's playground. Children can develop their intelligence and exercise their bodies through activities such as turning and rolling. Bouncy castles are also popular with buyers for their randomness and unpowered setups, but we still need to be aware of some safety considerations

1.The chassis should be connected to a reliable ground wire and should be checked regularly. Install a protective net on the air inlet of the fan to avoid safety accidents.

2.When using a fan to inflate the bouncy castle, pay attention to whether the power supply voltage is consistent with the product description.

3.The bouncy castle should be cleaned and disinfected regularly. The castle can be rinsed with washing powder. After removing the stains, it should be rinsed with clean water and then dried.

4.Attention should be paid to prohibiting young children from playing exciting projects.

5.Avoid large age differences and prevent collisions between older children and young children.

6.When collecting the bouncy castle, the power should be turned off, and the fan interface and exhaust port should be opened. The exhaust time of the castle is generally about half an hour (depending on the size of the castle), and the remaining air should be squeezed manually. If there is water in the rainy day, the water must be removed and dried.

7.If the castle will not be used for a long time, you should pay attention to folding, bundling and packing the castle after cleaning. The storage temperature should be -50 to +40 degrees Celsius. And pay attention to prevent rats and insects from breaking the outer castle

8.Managers should supervise at all times and teach children to abide by the rules of the game to prevent accidents.

9.In case of windy, rainy and other weather, it is forbidden to use bouncy castle outdoors to avoid accidents.

10.Do not bring hard, sharp and right slender straps when playing with bouncy castle

Bouncy castles are basically placed outdoors. Both parents and managers must supervise and take good care of children.

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