Safety precautions for seesaw playing
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The seesaw is a kind of children's outdoor toy that we are all familiar with. It can be seen in kindergartens and fitness centers in communities. The children also like playing very much. But do you know that there are also some potential safety hazards in the seesaw. For preschool children, it is not allowed to play alone on the seesaw. If children want to play on the seesaw, they must be watched by their parents. However, if you do not have relevant child care knowledge, I am afraid you do not know how to help children protect themselves and avoid potential safety hazards. In fact, when children play on the seesaw, there are five safety precautions that parents must understand

The global child safety organization suggested that children under 5 years old should not use the seesaw independently. When parents play with their children, please do the following:

1.When the child is playing on the seesaw, parents should stand aside, concentrate and protect at any time to prevent the child from losing balance.

2.Never stand in the middle of a seesaw beam or climb onto a moving seesaw.

3.At the same time, pay attention to the other party's children, and do not cause the other party to lose balance and fall down due to the mistakes of the other party's children. Only one child can sit on one side of the seesaw. Sit face to face, never back to back.

4.Hold the handle of the seesaw tightly with both hands, and do not empty it, let alone touch the ground; Your feet should also be on the ground naturally to ensure your balance.

5.Keep a distance from the seesaw when watching others play.

Preschool children must be watched by their parents when playing on the seesaw. As parents, we must pay attention to the five safety precautions mentioned above. One is to focus on protecting the children, so that when the children lose their balance, they can react at the first time. The seesaw requires two people to play, so the safety of the two children must be taken into account at the same time, because once one party loses balance, the other party may fall down. You should tell your child to grasp the handle with both hands. Don't stand or sit on the beam of the seesaw. When watching other children play, you must take your child to keep a safe distance.

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