How to maintain trampoline equipment
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Trampoline is a new type of indoor activity. It is a kind of exercise equipment and aerobic exercise. Through years of development, an indoor trampoline theme park with trampolines as the main body and multiple derivative projects has been formed. Through jumping up and down Stretching the joints to promote the absorption of calcium in the joints can increase the height of children, and also enable adults to achieve the effects of weight loss and physical exercise. It is loved by adults and children. Therefore, a large number of trampoline parks are spread throughout the market, so trampoline parks are in daily use. What are the maintenance items?


Trampoline equipment maintenance: check whether the main body bracket is deformed in a cycle on the 15th, and whether the support screws supporting the main body bracket in each area are loose, and if there is looseness, fix it immediately; check the trampoline daily for scratches and whether there are any guests left Sharp substances, whether there is excess rubbish, if there are scratches, pay more attention to whether the situation is getting worse in the future, if you have to contact the manufacturer in time, buy a new trampoline for replacement, and regularly clean the trampoline surface. The method can be wiped with a vacuum cleaner or a wet towel and then dried. If it is dirty for a long time, you can directly lay down items underneath, and rinse on the top; spring inspection (use 300,000 times): whether there is deformation; whether there is rust; the spring is static In the state, the spring can continue to be used without stretching. If it is stretched, it means that the expiration date has been reached and needs to be replaced; the trampoline cushion: whether the surface is damaged or cracked, whether the seam is off the line, whether the sponge in the soft bag is displaced ( Open the zipper, reorganize and place neatly), whether the soft bag and the Velcro seam are moved out of alignment (they move out of alignment, re-paste the alignment, pull neatly); between the wall and the equipment: check whether there is a wall at the connection The material falls off.


Matters needing attention in trampoline:
1. It is strictly forbidden to push, pull, bump, chase, or somersault in the trampoline, otherwise the consequences will be at your own risk. If the above-mentioned on-site staff has repeatedly persuaded or stopped not listening, the person will be taken for the safety of other practitioners. Clear out the trampoline
2. Please parents or guardians not to leave around the trampoline when the child is practicing trampoline to prevent the child from getting lost after getting off the trampoline.
3. Don't support the net with your hands when your body is out of balance, prefer to fall down, pay attention to holding your chest with your hands, and don't support it even if you are ejected. "In addition, be careful of waist injuries when practicing. Trampoline athletes suffer the most damage to waist and ankles. Because of the great impact when falling, people without professional training should not bounce too high when practicing trampoline.
4. Do not wear jewelry, necklaces, ear studs, earrings, etc. when training or exercising on the trampoline, because once the body loses balance when the person falls and touches the net, it is extremely easy to injure oneself.
5. Children under the age of six must have a parent or guardian to take care of them, otherwise they will not be allowed to go online because of curiosity; pay special attention to not supporting the net with your hands, which is easy to sprain; avoid knee implantation when falling, which can easily hurt your waist.


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