How to renovation the indoor family entertainment fun play centre

Except design and indoor playground equipment,decoration of indoor family entertainment fun play centre is also a key to booming business. Do you know what aspects should be pay attention to? Today I’d like to share some tips.

1. Lighting equipment

This is a key factor determining the level of decoration. Chandeliers are the main type, supplemented by other types of lighting fixtures. The detailed lamp types and layout plan can be designed and installed by relevant companies based on the floor plan. Below is a outstanding sample for your reference.


2. Temperature control equipment

It mainly about air-conditioning, there are many types of air-conditioning, including central air conditioning, split type vertical cabinets (wall mounted units), and air duct units. If the venue is in shopping mall, there is existing air-conditioning systerm. Regarding other venue, we recommend to choose commercial cabinet air conditioners.Below are the reason.

a)Except shopping malls, the height of indoor family entertainment fun play centre is high and open, cooling effect of wall mounted machines is poor and easily obstructed. The cooling height of commercial cabinet machines is exactly at a height of about 2 meters from the plane, which is equivalent to the height of a person's body. They are extremely effective .

b)The number of vertical cabinet air conditioners can be controlled according to the flow of people and apparent temperature, it is also easy to install and maintain. What’s more, the cost is relatively cheap compared with other types.

c)It is more convenient to leave space for air conditioning while we are makeing display of the whole venue.Worker will take bolt down screw while install the playground equipment, so it is recommended to lay out radiators or pipes against the wall instead of under ground.


3. Columns/walls/ceilings

Columns should be surrounded by partitions and protected by wall stickers or foam tube, which is expensive but crucial for safety and appearance.Simple scraping and painting of walls/ceilings is enough. You can take the wall painting also, which is more expensive but nice looking.


4.Monitoring engineering

It is mainly about monitors, it can be the last step for decoration. Make sure all venue is under monitors, which is very important to check once any accident happend.

5. Large screen

Many group activities and birthday party will hold in the indoor family entertainment fun play centre, so set a large screen is good option for operation

Take above tips of decoration of indoor family entertainment fun play centre, you will be more experienced and avoid losses.

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