Italy Waterproof Toddler Outdoor Activity Slide For Pool
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Since its inception, RISEN has been committed to creating safe, innovative recreational environment for children of all ages, promoting their cognitive, language, emotional, and interest development.Taking into account children's curiosity and eagerness to explore the world around them, our designer create a relaxing and natural poolside outdoor playground for our Italian client, adapting it to the characteristics of the environment.

This project was set up by swimming pool, venue is not very large. Client want to add some colorful children outdoor amusement slide so they could have the most fun in the pool. We recommended this mini outdoor playground slide, its slide height is more suitable and toddler for toddler. Also we changed the colors to red and orange to better attract children's attention. Children can slide directly into the pool from the mini outdoor playground set, and parents will have more interaction with kids in the pool. The seemingly simple toddler outdoor playground structure hides many clever designs.

For big kids, we suggest sport and challenge theme, for toddler, we recommend a combination of safety and fun. As a professional outdoor play equipment manufacturer, we hope our specialty will provide more useful information for your outdoor project.

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