Why are outdoor amusement equipment so popular?
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In recent years, unpowered amusement equipment has gradually entered people's field of vision, and is widely used in theme parks, scenic spots, commercial real estate and other fields. Become a new weather vane in outdoor amusement. Why is outdoor unpowered park so popular? Compared with traditional mechanical amusement equipment, what is its unique charm? What are the common unpowered amusement equipment? Let's take a look at it.


What is unpowered amusement equipment
Simply speaking, unpowered amusement equipment refers to amusement that does not have any power devices such as electric, hydraulic or pneumatic, and is composed of climbing, walking, drilling, ladder walking, swinging and other functional parts and structures, fasteners and connecting parts. facility.
The charm of unpowered amusement equipment
Why are unpowered amusement facilities so popular? This mainly depends on its own charm.

1. Based on the needs of children, the drainage effect is obvious

In recent years, the demand for family parent-child travel is very strong, and unpowered children’s play equipment is precisely the child-centric game that drives parents and children to interact. It advocates returning to nature and releasing children’s nature, including parent-child interactive entertainment. These factors are all The key to attracting families to travel around and long-distance travel.

2. Wide range of applications

With the development and demand of the market, unpowered amusement equipment has occupied an important position in the industry.At present, domestic unpowered amusement facilities are widely used in the following four sectors: one is the most traditional education sector; the other is real estate developer communities and commercial centers; and the third is municipal administration (including municipal parks, leisure squares, and riverside scenery leisure belts). Etc.); The fourth is the cultural travel industry.

3. High cost performance

Because of its wide range of applications, compared with tens of millions or hundreds of millions of mechanical power equipment, the investment is relatively small, and it is not restricted by the site. The equipment can be customized according to the terrain environment. The project scale can be large or small, and the amount of investment Flexible and controllable. Unpowered amusement equipment is the first choice for cost-effective planning.


4. High degree of environmental integration

Unpowered facilities can be flexibly combined to adapt to projects of different scales, different environments and different types, and can be highly integrated with the local cultural environment and natural landscape, facilitating product upgrades and business growth.

5.High safety and low maintenance cost

Because it has no power, it is better than other amusement equipment in terms of safety and maintainability. All game facilities in the unpowered amusement sector can use protective ground (such as sand, injection rubber, rubber mats, etc.) to reduce the probability of injury from falling from the facility.Compared with the need for players to actively participate in it, the amusement project is less thrilling and has a higher safety factor.In addition, the maintenance cost of unpowered amusement equipment is low. Generally, unpowered amusement parks are basically guaranteed for five years and do not require annual national inspections. Therefore, the later maintenance and operation costs are low, which is worry-free and labor-saving for investment operators.


Each unpowered amusement facility is designed to challenge children's knowledge and creativity of their own bodies, and to improve their learning ability, increase happiness in playing, and have fun and happiness while getting aerobic endurance exercises, which is conducive to training Children's brave, tough and tenacious personality, exercise speed, strength, balance, coordination and other qualities, achieve the purpose of strengthening the body, strengthening the brain and improving the intelligence.

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