What we should know about customized outdoor playground equipment
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When selecting an operating address, each operator will consider various factors, such as rental price, size of premises, spatial shape, etc., so the actual situation of each operator’s choice of premises is different, so the field The planning of non-standard amusement equipment should actually examine the actual use of the place, such as the size of the area, the installation of the infrastructure in the place, and the shape of the place, etc., so that the planning of the equipment can make full use of the space, neither It will feel empty and not congested, giving people the best visual sensory experience.


No matter what kind of equipment safety is planned, it is always one of the most basic and central contents. The non-standard outdoor amusement equipment itself has certain differences from traditional equipment in the planning method, but its safety structure cannot be changed, especially the internal load. The structure method requires not only the material to have high strength and toughness, but also the outer packaging of metal and other raw materials to avoid safety accidents.


The reason why the equipment needs to be customized is to make your children's amusement project have a higher advantage and attract more customers to come to experience it, but you can't take it lightly in the face of a messy shopping mall. Good service and handling are still guaranteed to be carried out. Basic content.

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