What is the development prospect of outdoor amusement equipment?
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The Children’s unpowered park allows children to stay away from electro-optical products, return to a more natural and healthy world of play, and reap the joy of growth and innocence.The children's non-powered park is composed of a series of characteristic non-powered amusement products. Its amusement methods are more diverse and can meet the multi-level needs of children of different ages. Different children can find their own happy areas in the children’s non-powered park. They either "take off" on the trampoline or "release" their imagination in the sand pool, or become "adventurers" in the large castle park composed of drill nets and slides. "


The current national policy is that with the birth of a second child, the increase in the number of children, and the economic growth, parents are also willing to take their children to play in unpowered parks.

With naughty castles and ocean ball pools, and under the influence of the epidemic, the market for trampoline parks and other products has declined, and non-standard unpowered amusement equipment has become more and more prosperous. Now the main market demand is non-standard amusement equipment, including stainless steel slides and crawling nets. , Drilling holes, swings, etc.; there are also popular amusement equipment recently clocked in: water curtain swings, net celebrity rainbow slides, are all currently profitable amusement equipment.
There are many outdoor children's amusement facilities, and I personally recommend driverless amusement equipment. After all, safety is very important, and this is what parents like. Stainless steel slides, seesaws, swings, jungle crossings, mesh mazes, cable equipment, water conservancy projects, sand pool entertainment, etc. are all deeply loved by people of this age.


The maintenance of children's play equipment is very important. It can not only extend the service life of the equipment, but more importantly, it helps us discover the hidden safety hazards of the equipment in time, and replace and repair the equipment in time. Buyers must keep in mind the main points of maintenance of amusement equipment.


In the future, unpowered amusement facilities will integrate more new elements, new gameplay, and pay more attention to customer experience. Theme-type unpowered parks will also become the development trend of unpowered amusement facilities, and more theme elements will be integrated into unpowered amusement facilities. In the design of power amusement facilities, so as to attract more customers to participate in the experience.

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