What are the most popular small amusement equipment?
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There are many types of amusement equipment in the market. If you want to invest in a small amusement park, what small amusement equipment is worth buying? What are the most popular small amusement equipment at present? Next, I will briefly introduce you to some of the most popular small amusement facilities.

To ask the most popular small amusement equipment-children's naughty castle deserves it. The naughty castle is designed according to the characteristics of children. Through scientific three-dimensional combination, a new generation of children's activity center integrating amusement, sports, puzzles and fitness is formed, placing children in a thrilling, safe and secure amusement environment.While playing, children can cultivate independent personality, exercise their bodies, and invigorate their brains. It has the characteristics of randomness, no motivation, interaction and safety. Because it is not restricted by the size of the venue, it is safe and well managed, and it is a one-time investment for life-long benefits. It is favored by investors.The naughty castle project is a customized product. A naughty castle can contain many small projects, such as slides, ocean ball pools, swings, carousels, etc., which can be combined and selected according to your own site conditions.


The indoor trampoline hall is a comprehensive indoor playground with trampoline as the main body and a combination of various amusement projects. It absorbs the advantages of the traditional naughty castle project and trampoline project, and perfectly combines it into a comprehensive new entertainment project. There are various ways to play, regardless of age group, a trendy item of national entertainment and fitness that can be played by the age of 3-55.If you are investing in a trampoline gym for the first time, or if your budget is limited, investing in a small trampoline gym is also a good choice. It can be equipped with some of the most popular slam dunks, sticky music, professional jumping, sponge pool, and some of the latest interactive projects.

EPP building block park mainly cultivates children's thinking ability and creativity. In the process of playing with EPP building blocks, children can give full play to their imagination and create at will. In the process of building with building blocks, it can also cultivate children's color discrimination ability and physical coordination ability.


Is it romantic, warm and shocking when thousands of ocean balls are placed in front of you? Whether it's a couple, parent-child, family, or with friends, the Million Ball Pool can meet everyone's play needs! The Million Ball Pool can be flexibly matched with the play items in it according to the size of your field.

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