What are the future development trends of the amusement equipment industry?
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In recent years, with the rapid development of the amusement industry, China has become a world leader in the production of amusement equipment, accounting for about 40% of the world's total output. We must closely follow industry trends and grasp industry trends. So, what are the development trends of the amusement equipment industry in the future? Take military theme amusement park for example.
01 Landscape
The internal logical relationship and elements of the amusement culture theme of the amusement shooting range theme amusement park are transformed into a materialized, image, viewable, and visually impactful landscape. Culture is the connotation of landscape, and landscape is the carrier of culture. Through the landscape, visitors can feel the theme of amusement and military culture that the shooting range theme amusement park wants to express.

02 Amusement
It is to make amusement military theme amusement park into a process in which tourists can get feelings and experiences in their activities, sports, and dynamics. Amusement and military theme amusement parks are scenic spots that are won by science and technology. First of all, amusement requires a large number of amusement air guns and equipment, and secondly, the introduction of high-tech. The theme culture is displayed using three-dimensional imaging technology, holographic projection technology, etc., through the environment and scenes. , The design of artistic conception allows visitors to obtain an extraordinary magical experience, so that their mood and the theme culture can finally achieve a high degree of integration.

03 interactive mode
It mainly includes social and human interaction, recreational interaction, amusement interaction, experience interaction, interaction between staff and tourists, interaction between entertainers and tourists, etc. The interactive arrangement makes people feel very satisfied in the sense of participation and experience of amusement air gun equipment. Tourists can remember the military theme of amusement while visiting scenic spots, traveling through history, experiencing folk customs, and feeling the amusement atmosphere. Upgrade the consumption model of theme amusement parks.

It refers to the process of transforming the inherent knowledge, entertainment, and culture of military theme culture into a process, so that tourists can recognize and resonate with the value and connotation of culture in this process. This mode has already begun to be realized in some well-known scenic spots in China, and amusement military shooting venues have higher output and are more likely to cause event-level fermentation.


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