Safety instructions for outdoor recreation facilities in kindergarten.
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Many kindergartens now attach great importance to children's safety protection. Especially in the outdoor recreational facilities of kindergartens, due to the age characteristics of children, they lack life experience and are often approaching danger without noticing them. Therefore, safe outdoor recreational facilities in kindergartens are very important.

Safety should be considered from the environmental point of view. The environment is the most important educational resource. It can effectively promote the development of children through the design and use of the environment, but it is also based on the planning, layout and placement of facilities for children in the activity area. It is necessary to consider both safety and reasonable configuration of facilities. So, which kindergarten outdoor recreational facilities are the safes

Sand pool is an outdoor recreation facility often used in kindergartens. In the sand pond, children can dig and dig as much as they want, and exercise their arm muscles. Sand painting and sand sculpture can also be done. However, once water enters into outdoor facilities such as sand ponds, safety problems such as floor collapse and water seepage will occur. And the most serious thing is to be at the location of the tuyere, so that the sand will be lifted by the wind, which is very dangerous.


The slide is a favorite item for children to play, but because of the fun, they don’t know the correct measures. For example, when falling down a slide, the head first touches the ground, in severe cases there is a concussion, and in other cases, abrasions on the scalp may cause bleeding. But this is also due to the negligence of the staff and guardians. Because young children are most in need of the correct guidance of the staff. From the perspective of the slide itself, the slide is very safe, provided that you find a professional manufacturer.


Swing is a seemingly safe outdoor recreation facility with hidden dangers. If the children use it improperly, the chains or ropes will get knotted together, thereby pinching the children's body, or even strangling the neck or hands and feet. Some grandparents know that their children are too young to sit on the swing, so they simply let the children stand on the swing board.


There is no such thing as 100% safe outdoor recreational facilities in kindergartens. But we can choose a kindergarten outdoor entertainment facility manufacturer that makes us feel at ease, and provide you with childlike amusement in the overall planning of kindergarten amusement, so that the kindergarten children can grow up happily.

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