"China's educational toy capital" explores the future
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2021 is the centenary of the founding of the party. In this year of great mission, the whole city will work hard to create a new situation that will admire the whole province, the whole country and the world, and contribute to the construction of an "important window" in Wenzhou.
The educational toy industry in Qiaoxia Town, Yongjia County originated in the 1970s. After 50 years of development, 60% of the educational toy companies in the country are in Wenzhou, Jiucheng educational toy companies in Wenzhou are in Yongjia, and Yongjia educational toy companies are gathered in Qiaoxia.
In 2020, Yongjia Educational Toy Industry will overcome the impact of the epidemic, and its annual sales revenue will increase by 4.1% compared with 2019.


Next, we will transform this first-mover advantage into a development advantage, further promote the construction of a global online brand alliance of educational toys, continue to make efforts in cross-border e-commerce platforms, logistics systems, warehousing facilities, etc., and accelerate the introduction of a number of "High-tech" e-commerce talents with international vision and outstanding capabilities have made Yongjia Educational Toys shine. We will gather the wisdom of all parties to further implement platform enhancements, help companies to master the voice of industry standards, guide companies to improve their ability to create innovation, and promote the development of diversified and cross-industry integration.

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For the next development, it is recommended:
First, we must grasp the spatial planning, form the agglomeration effect of enterprises, and improve the energy level of the industrial chain. Mainly include: construction of an industrialized comprehensive service center integrating exhibition and exhibition, research and amusement, forums, salons, and conferences and commerce; construction of an industrial incubator that integrates functions of innovation and entrepreneurship, crowd-creation and crowdsourcing, creative services, and financing docking; Open the framework to attract the agglomeration of educational toy related industries in Wenzhou, Zhejiang and even the whole country.

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