How does the swing equipment make new ideas in outdoor playground ?
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Swing is the childhood memory of many people, sometimes it’s also more than childhood memory. At any stage of life, wing bring a sense of quiet, easygoing and leisurely. Swing also can be seen everywhere, like community, park, amusement park and other public areas, even in the home.In the current unpowered outdoor park, the swing is still a classic project, which is deeply loved by the majority of tourists. However, in the unpowered park, there are many theme styles, and the variety of equipment is changing with each passing day. How can the swing, as a traditional amusement device, make a new idea to keep it classic and dynamic?

Create interaction through modeling

The original function of the swing equipment is a process of swaying, in which no more interaction can be formed. Therefore, one of the ways to add new ideas is to properly increase the interaction effect of the swing project through different layouts and shapes.In the outdoor park, you can set up a single, double or multi-person swing, and create a rich view of the swing through a circular or S-shaped layout, which can bring more experience of the swing atmosphere. Among the landing projects we have undertaken, there are many swing parks with this layout, which have obtained obvious favorable comments and are deeply loved by the majority of tourists, as well as some whole wooden swings, It has been given some team expansion functions.

Match the scene through material selection

The production of swing is usually very simple, but the more simple things Zhou knows, the more difficult it is to impress people.Common materials for swing include wood, plastic, stainless steel, etc. The selection of swing in the outdoor park should be based on the theme of the park, the style of landscape design, and the real-time scene atmosphere, such as the car theme park. The swing can be made with tires, which is unique in the theme form, and has full practical functions; Similar to the supporting equipment in the ecological farm, it is more close to the overall natural atmosphere, and it is more suitable to choose wooden swing.

By giving stimulation

In recent years, there are many swing figures in popular amusement equipment, and the cliff swing is a typical representative. The level of amusement experience can be upgraded by increasing its thrill.The outdoor experience similar to bungee jumping. Although the cliff swing is extremely dangerous and exciting, there are still many friends who love adventure to experience it and experience the high altitude thrill. This kind of pleasure similar to extreme sports is the most dazzling new idea for the swing in recent years, and can be used as a model of non-powered equipment.

All improvements to the outdoor swing are aimed at giving children a better experience and happy childhood. We will continue to innovate in the future

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