Daily maintenance and safety inspection of Naughty Castle
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Naughty castle is one of the items that children like to play nowadays, but for parents, besides the attractive toys in bright and colorful colors, the safety and hygiene of the naughty castle are more important to parents. The following are some maintenance methods and safety tests.

If you want to maintain the lifespan of naughty castles of different types and materials, and ensure the health and safety of customers when they use them, the cleaning and maintenance work of naughty castles is extremely important. The naughty castle should be cleaned frequently and fully exposed to the sun.


Cleaning and maintenance of the naughty castle:
1. Plastic Naughty Fort. It can be soaked in clean water, or diluted with solvents or tablets to ensure the cleanliness of the naughty castle.
2. Fluffy Naughty Fort. You can choose to send it to the laundry for dry cleaning or self-cleaning. Self-cleaning can be divided into layered cleaning or overall cleaning.Layered cleaning is to take out the cotton filled in the naughty fort and wash it separately from the outer skin. For layered cleaning, first find out the suture of the cotton-filled mouth of the naughty fort, then carefully cut it, take out the cotton and clean it. The overall cleaning is to throw the whole stuffed naughty castle into the washing machine or scrub in soap.
3. Cloth naughty castle. Cloth naughty castles such as rag dolls and cloth books can be washed according to the cleaning method on the packaging and cleaned regularly.
4. Wooden naughty castle. Because the wood material absorbs water and is prone to worms, this kind of naughty castle cannot be cleaned, and it is better to be exposed to the sun from time to time.
5. Electronic naughty castle. This kind of naughty castle cannot be cleaned either, it can only be wiped with a clean cloth dampened with water.



Generally, the play resistance of the naughty castle has a great relationship with the quality of the naughty castle itself, so as long as you make a proper choice before buying and use it correctly, you can reduce the damage to the naughty castle to a smaller extent. Before opening the packaging of Naughty Fort, you should first pay attention to whether the appearance indicates whether it is a safe naughty castle and the applicable age, and whether other accessories (such as batteries, motors, small parts, etc.) are required for use; then read the accompanying instructions in detail and follow the instructions Its steps to operate; if there is no manual, you must consult an expert to prevent human failure. If you accidentally damage the naughty castle, the serious ones may need to be repaired or can no longer be used at all, and the lighter ones can be repaired with simple tools.

1. TV games. Controller failure often occurs. Just use a screwdriver to open the controller and replace the failed left and right rubber pads to continue to use; AC and DC transformers are often used for a long time and lead to a reduction in lifespan. At this time, just buy a new one. If you replace it, you can save a lot of repair costs (generally speaking, a broken transformer cannot be repaired).
2.Maintenance of remote control vehicles. First check whether the battery has electricity, and then check whether the battery box has poor contact due to moisture and corrosion. To prevent this from happening, Naughty Fort should be used up and the battery should be taken out. If it is rusted, use an iron brush to clean the copper rust, and then clean it with alcohol (as long as it is an electric naughty castle that uses a battery, it can be maintained according to this maintenance principle); if the shell is damaged by impact, you can go to the remote control car monopoly Shop purchase accessories to replace by yourself.

Above are some information for your reference.

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