Analysis of investment between indoor trampoline park or indoor soft park
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With the continuous improvement of social living standards, the children's amusement market has become a good choice for investors, especially small trampoline halls and children's naughty castle park. However, with the refinement of the market, many investors are puzzled by which one is better for investment? Today, let's analyze it together.

1.Determined based on site height

Trampoline parks have relatively high requirements for venues, it’s recommended that the net height of venue for investment in a trampoline park should be above 5.2m , so there will no limitation of age groups and amusement projects.But there’s no strict height requirement of indoor naughty castle park, height as 3m is sufficient.

However, we recommend to take a site with higher floor height, so there’s no restriction on the design of the amusement project.

2. Determine based on the size of the site area

Invest in a trampoline park. If the main customer is children, the recommended venue area is at least 200-500 ㎡; for all age groups, we recommend the area 500 m2 at least or more.Site size of children indoor soft park is more flexible, from tens of square meters to hundreds of thousands of square meters are ok.

3. According to the fund budget

If you have a high budget and sufficient funds on hand, you can choose trampoline park. For example, the budget is about 60,000 to 300,000 USD.

If the budget is around thousands of USD, it is also good option to take children indoor soft park. Many small and exquisite children's parks, with some management skills, are also very popular.

To sum up, if your venue is relatively small, it is recommended to invest children indoor naughty castle park, indoor trampoline park should be big enough to include function as many as possible . 

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