Advantages and disadvantages of materials for outdoor amusement equipment
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Concrete manufacturing facilities have the advantages of being able to be used for the shaping and construction of large children's amusement equipment, and are suitable for large and even giant children's amusement equipment. The disadvantages are also obvious. The material is hard and rough, which is not suitable for young children and smaller children to play. The safety is poor.

Wooden material facilities have the advantages of natural non-toxic, convenient raw materials, and flexible assembly and combination according to the requirements of children's amusement equipment. The disadvantage is that anti-corrosion and moisture-proof surface treatment is required, which is easy to damage for older children.

The children's amusement equipment made of metal materials has the advantage of being sturdy and durable. Its surface can be smooth or frosted and anti-skid. Its shape is changeable and easy to assemble. Disadvantages include that the connecting parts or interfaces are dangerous for children, and the hard texture is easy to cause danger for children.

Most of the amusement facilities made of glass fiber reinforced plastic are now made of glass fiber reinforced plastic. This material has bright color, strong durability, long color retention, solid material and other advantages. Common problems of FRP: low stiffness and strength. The elastic modulus of glass fiber reinforced plastic is twice that of wood, but is higher than that of steel. It is 10 times smaller, so it often feels insufficient rigidity and easy to deform in the product structure; When FRP is used in water, especially in salt water for a long time, due to the penetration of salt water and the swelling of FRP, the strength of FRP will be significantly reduced, and eventually lead to damage.

When selecting outdoor children's amusement facilities, we need to pay attention to several aspects. First, we should pay attention to our own site, what kind of amusement equipment is suitable for, and the rights and qualifications of the site should also comply with the legal provisions. Then we should choose the appropriate designers and manufacturers. Personally, we recommend amusement equipment companies that can provide a complete set of services, not only with better professionalism, but also with more reliable integrated services. The professional amusement equipment company will recommend the equipment suitable for you according to the surrounding environment of your site. Whether it is material or overall planning, it will be better.

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