Malaysia Children Indoor Playground Area With Ball Pool And Trampoline
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RISEN is a company with rich experience of indoor playground equipment, such as indoor soft play set, trampoline, rope course, ninja warrior course. We are open to discuss with clients in all aspects, also we will express our opinion from a professional view to make a satisfied indoor soft activity center. We have accumulated so many foreign clients also because of our professionalism and responsibility and passion of children indoor soft playground

Client from Malaysia is a housewife, she plan to open a kids indoor playground centre, so she will have enough time to take care family and business. Age group will be 3-10 years old, she prefer indoor playground equipment with kawaii theme, to make the indoor soft area as a fairy tale castle.

Standard height for each layer is 1.4m and total height of venue is 3.5m, in order to maximum use the space, we take 2 layer and make the first layer higher as 1.6m, where allow enough space for for kids and parent to have more interaction there. Except slide, swing, boxing bag etc. We keep a trampoline, so more play elements are included in this toddler indoor soft play area. All these indoor soft playground elemenets help children to mater sport skills such as climbing, crawling and jumping, improve body balance, and make body stronger. Besides soft play structure, we use pastel color to add a fairytale feeling.

RISEN supply different kind of installation guidance by photo, video and professional manual. Our foreign installation team is stand by for local assistance also.Malaysian client prefer us to take installation, becaue we are more prefessional and pay more attention to details to ensure safe. We take 3 days to finish it. Belove photoes are taken during installation.






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