Korea Commercial Design Indoor Adventure Play Center
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Korea Commercial Design Indoor Adventure Play Center Indoor adventure play center become a very popular indoor entertainment area, where both toddler and adults will enjoy themselves. Korea is a prosperous country, people there love sports very much, and there is a great demand for indoor family activity center. Our Korean client catch this opportunity and reach us. The most important for indoor family activity center is safety. RISEN is familiar with international safety standards and has rich experience in indoor playground production. We also have many successful cases, so our team provide comprehensive guidance to Korean client from site selection, design to installation. 

This project is 1280㎡, our designer incorporate zip line, donut slide, slam dunk, free trampoline area, etc. into the design, making the indoor adventure center full of challenges. Client wants to join more exciting sports element older players, which can exercise player courage and make indoor play zone more attractive. Considering the limited space of the venue, designer uses on-site pillars as support frame, cleverly combining rope course with pillars. This design not only save space but also make the function more comprehensive. The owne is surprised and grateful for this amazing idea.

Due to our expertise, we always provide customized design and creat your venue into an unforgettable indoor adventure play center. Due to our professionalism, we always strictly adhered to international standard and only provide high-quality, durable and safe indoor playground equipment. Due to our expertise, we are your top partner for one-stop service of children indoor play set, saving you more time and creating more value for you.







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