Commercial Design Children Indoor Soft Playground Center With Party Room
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In recent years,children indoor soft activity center with party room become super popular, such indoor play area have more diverse functions, not only for fun but also organizing events., it also more easy to attract customers. As an established indoor amusement manufacturer, RISEN fully understand market trend and what products will meet the needs of different customers.

This is one of our cases. The owner is a pig farmer who hopes to open a indoor soft play center with party room, to incorporate the element of piglets and become a promotional tool for his main business. We choose the mascot as the main decorative element, so once player go inside they can recognize the theme of this children indoor fun zone easily. According to the age group, our designer adopt amusement elements such as trampoline, ball pool, large slide, and role-playing area. We also added lighting effects to enhance the visual impact and enhance the player experience.

The customer has a high demand for quality, he wants to create a high-end customized design indoor soft playground center. RISEN put quality and safety first, we only use high quality raw materials and processes that meet international standards. So almost 100% restore the design drawing, what we produce is what we design. We are committed to designing and producing safe, attractive play equipment for our clients. RISEN’s core values of honesty, innovation and cooperation are the reason why clients from more than 50 countries around the world choose us as their indoor playground supplier.





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