Austria Commercial Children Indoor Theme Soft Play Center With Mesh Tree
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Once you have an idea to set up indoor theme soft play center, here are what RISEN will do to assist you a successful and profitable children indoor playground business. Based on client’s initial idea, we will guide you how to find a venue with perfect location and suitable height and internal building structure, then make the dream design of indoor soft play set. Additional, we will provide marketing suggestion for your future business.

This fantasy theme indoor soft play structure is from our Austria client. The owner contact RISEN to create a safe, multifunctional and engaging indoor play zone for kids aged 3-13 years old, he prefer some design refreshing and amazing in Austria.

As top manufacturer of indoor soft entertainment activity center, RISEN is confident to meet client’s need. The venue is 325㎡with net height 7m, designer take 4 floors to maximum use the space. There are different kind of obstacle elements in each floor, which will train children's physical sensitivity. To increase the fun of indoor soft amusement area, we keep 3 kinds of slide :commercial design slide to ball pit, big triple slide and plastic tube slide. Designer also add trampoline for big kids, then they will learn how to maintain balance while jumping. Considering the safety and comfort, we put safety net and mat all around the indoor play structure. The most special design is the colorful mesh tree, this is the most popular and attractive elements in this indoor playground design, children can chat there, swing there, crawl there, jump there, RISEN always put quality and reputation first, what we produce is what we design, nearly 100% restoration of design. With vibrant color and exciting activity, client is super satidfied with this indoor soft amusement center, we fulfilled his expectations.








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