What materials are used in Children Indoor Naughty Castle
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Naughty Castle is not only complex in structure, but also uses a variety of materials. Understanding the materials used in indoor soft playground equipment will be of great help to us in cleaning and maintenance in a more standardized way, and will help extend the service life of indoor soft playground playset. So what materials did Naughty Castle use in the production process?

1. Wood

Wood is also used more in the Naughty Castle. The selection of wood materials in Taoqi Castle varies according to the situation, mainly using pure wood materials such as plastic wood, carbonized wood, camphor wood and antiseptic wood. The wood texture is fine and clear, and the surface is treated with anti-corrosion, fire protection, mothproof, polishing, etc. to extend the service life. The water-based paint on the surface is safe and environmentally friendly without peculiar smell.

2.Net rope

The net rope adopts marine special submarine cable rope, which can resist aging, sun and rain. The center of the mesh rope is chrome plated steel wire, which is solid and durable. Pure hand knitting, complete color range, bright material, beautiful and generous, can be matched according to personal preference

3. Steel parts

Steel parts are the main presentation form of Taoqi Fort supports. Taoqibao steel parts are galvanized international steel pipes with an outer diameter of 114mm (the pipe quality meets the requirements of BS1387-1985 and the technical standard meets the requirements of BS1387-1985), and the pipe wall thickness is 2.2mm. After overall processing and forming, the product is subject to pretreatment such as degreasing, rust removal, neutralization, phosphating, passivation and shot blasting (in line with the requirements of JB-K5607-1991). The surface is smooth and not easy to rust. The surface is sprayed with outdoor environment-friendly polyester powder paint, which is safe, environment-friendly, UV resistant, bright in color, not easy to fall off, and will be renewed over time. The spraying equipment adopts the imported electrostatic powder spraying device controlled by the computer, and the powder recycling adopts the small cyclone and the imported filter element, with high efficiency and no pollution.

4.Soft equipment

The soft bags in the naughty fort are made of PU leather wrapped with high-density sponge and then wrapped with multilayer boards. The folding resistance of PU leather is comparable to that of natural leather. Its product is superior to natural leather in terms of thickness uniformity, tear strength, color brightness and utilization rate of leather surface. It has the advantages of moderate elongation, good leather feeling, strong abrasion resistance, high tensile strength, superior environmental protection performance, good temperature resistance and good mechanical property.

5.Plastic parts

Plastic parts are the most common materials in the indoor Naughty Castle. Plastic slides and some equipment in the Naughty Castle can use plastic. The plastic parts of indoor playground equipment are made of imported linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) engineering plastics. The pigment is completely dissolved into the particles through the granulation process, processed by the milling machine, and molded by the rotational molding process. The materials are added with anti ultraviolet stabilizers, anti-static and anti decolorizing agents, which have high strength, smooth surface, safety, environmental protection, good weather resistance and are not easy to fade.

6. Parts

The cap is formed by aluminum alloy die-casting (in accordance with the requirements of GB/T 11352-1989). The screws are made of stainless steel (in accordance with GB/T1221-1992 precision standard), and the hardware fasteners are made of 304 anti-skid stainless steel special screws.

Above are the common material for indoor playground equipment, hope it will help you know more about indoor soft play equipment.

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