What is the most popular design theme for 500㎡ children indoor playground center
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500㎡ is not small for a children indoor soft playground activity park, once you have s suitable location, it’s also important to choose a suitable design theme to make your kids indoor park more attractive.What’s the most popular design theme for 500㎡ soft play park, here are some introduction for your reference.

1)Morandi Theme 

The Morandi color scheme is known as the gentlest color, with low purity and low saturation high-grade gray having ultra-high plasticity, and this high-end color scheme with its own aura has now become synonymous with "high-end feeling".The Morandi color scheme abandons the flamboyant color personality and incorporates a moderate blend of gray and white in each color, transforming the originally rich and vibrant colors into an elegant and high-end gray texture. It is not like the flashy visual experience of bright colors, nor does it bring people a cold and inaccessible "frigid" style, but rather a fusion of the two, bringing people a perfect visual balance.

2)Macaron theme

It is a popular design style for children indoor playground park in recent years. The common macaron colors in kids indoor theme playground park include blossom pink, mint green, cream yellow, and light lake blue, all of which are low saturation colors, fresh and beautiful, giving people a visual enjoyment.What kind of magic will the fashionable Macaron color scheme generate when applied to children indoor soft parks? It brings a fresh and fashionable, clean and comfortable, gentle and eye-catching feeling without losing vitality. The entire space is colorful like summer flowers, colorful and harmonious, emitting waves of charming sweetness. Therefore, from the very beginning, it led the new trend of indoor amusement park.

3)Ocean theme

The main color for this theme is blue, paired with cute and vivid marine animal elements, such as starfish, octopus, small fish, sharks, dolphins, etc. Creating a refreshing and mysterious ocean world. Making children feel like they are in a wonderful underwater world, learning about various marine knowledge, seeing various marine animals, and generating infinite imagination.

4)Forest theme

With the construction of high-rise buildings in cities, children are gradually getting out of touch with nature. Many parents take children for camping or visit forest theme indoor playground park in order to make them more exposed to nature. Forest theme children indoor soft game center simulate details such as materials, colors, shapes, and layouts to create a safe and natural original jungle environment.

A suitable and attractive design theme is a main factor to a success kids indoor soft play center, contact with us to make a amazing design for your dream park.

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