What Is Customized Outdoor Playground Equipment
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Different from conventional outdoor play equipment,customized non-standard products have become a popular trend in the outdoor amusement equipment industry because they can adopt more personalized designs according to the particularity of the venue.Today we bring you more content about non-standard customized products, hoping to help you understand this emerging industry more.


The biggest advantage of non-standard customized products is that they are not restricted by venues. Conventional outdoor amusement equipment can only be installed on a flat field. Or we need to fill and level the site with cement, sand, etc. in advance. For sloped venues, there is no way to install conventional outdoor amusement equipment, and it’s difficult to guarantee product safety standards. Non-standard customized products are mainly composed of iron parts which have good coordination in design. So even if the site has a hillside, we can use the hillside and integrate it into the overall design plan. The trees around the site can also be used cleverly to design, making the overall design style natural and generous. Secondly, non-standard customized products are more functional. It can combine slides, nets, drill holes and other elements more flexibly, making the overall playability higher. Furthermore, the non-standard customization category has various shapes. Conventional outdoor amusement equipment can only be combined with slides, hoardings, roofs and other elements according to the venue, the style is inevitably a bit outdated. But Non-standard customized products are like wings of imagination, any shape we can make it into reality, animal, plants, cartoon and so on. Not only make children more willing to play, but adults also prefer to spend relaxing parent-child time with children in this lovely venue.


Meanwhile non-standard customized products also have higher and stricter requirements for designers and productivity. First of all, we must accurately measure the site, including the slope of the mountain, the size and location of the trees in the site, etc. This usually requires our designer parents to go to the site to measure. Secondly, according to the customer’s design style, we will make customized design drawings and product production structure drawings. This has extremely high requirements on the level of designers. Moreover, each set of non-standard customized products requires long hours of production, pre-installation and test. To ensure the safety of the product and the smooth installation.


Usually one set of non-standard products with medium size will take one month for production. Although the cost in all aspects is much more than conventional products, its installation effect is exceptionally stunning. It brings more unexpected happiness to adults and children.
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