What are the safety standards for outdoor play equipment?
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For manufacturer who design and produce equipment for non power parks, we must have heard some safety standards. Understanding safety standards and applying them in the design and production process can enhance the competitiveness of products. Meeting safety standards is a ticket to enter the list of high-quality suppliers. The application of safety standards in the process of design, production, operation and maintenance can reflect the sense of social responsibility of enterprises and their efforts in safety protection; In case of an accident and facing legal proceedings, the performance of security obligations can further protect the rights and interests of owners. What are the main safety standards for non power parks at home and abroad? Let's sort it out for you today


EN 1176 series standards are the most representative standards in Europe, including the following standards:

EN 1176-1: Part I, General Safety Requirements and Test Methods

EN 1176-2: Part II: Additional safety requirements and test methods for swings

EN 1176-3: Part 3: Additional safety requirements and test methods for slides

EN 1176-4: Part 4: Additional safety requirements and test methods for lanyards

EN 1176-5: Part V: Additional safety requirements and test methods for turntables

EN 1176-6: Part 6: Additional safety requirements and test methods for rocking horses and seesaws

EN 1176-7: Part 7, Installation, Inspection, Maintenance and Operation Guide

EN 1176-10: Part 10, Additional Safety Requirements and Test Methods for Totally Enclosed Amusement Facilities

EN 1176-11: Part XI: Additional safety requirements and test methods for three-dimensional climbing

EN 1177: Test method for buffer capacity of amusement parks

EN 16630: Fixed outdoor fitness paths, safety requirements and test methods (can be understood as amusement facilities for the elderly)

2) North America

American standards mainly include ASTM standards and CPSC guidelines.

ASTM F1487: Safety Specifications for Public Amusement Parks (general safety standards for unpowered amusement parks in public places, including schools, nurseries, shopping malls, parks, etc., excluding children's amusement facilities aged 6-23 months)

ASTM F2373: Safety specifications for public playgrounds for children aged 6 to 23 months

ASTM F1148: Safety Specification for Home Amusement Parks

ASTM F1918: Safety Specification for Flexible Packaged Amusement Facilities

ASTM F2970: Guidelines for the Design, Manufacture, Installation, Operation, Maintenance and Inspection of Trampoline Parks

ASTM F2223: Standard Guide for Amusement Park Floors (which ASTM standard should be met for different types of amusement park floors)

ASTM F1292: Safety Specification for Buffer Ground in the Use Space of Amusement Facilities (Test Method for Buffer Capacity, Similar to European Standard EN 1177)

ASTM F1951: Safety Specification for Accessibility of Amusement Facilities Ground (for example, wheelchair can enter the site smoothly)

ASTM F2075: Safety Specification for Use of Engineered Wood Fiber in Amusement Facilities (Applicable to Loose Floors Made of Wood Materials)

ASTM F2088: Safety Specification for Baby Swing

ASTM F3101: Safety Specification for Unattended Public Outdoor Fitness Paths (similar to EN 16,630)

In Canada, CSA Z614: Children's Amusement Facilities and Floors released by the Canadian Standards Association is much the same as the American standard ASTM F1487.


GB/T 34272: Safety Specification for Small Amusement Facilities (general standard, similar to EN 1176-1)

GB/T 28,711: Non powered amusement facilities, swing (close to EN 1176-2)

GB/T 27689: Non powered amusement facilities, children's slide (close to EN 1176-3)

GB/T 34021: Small amusement facilities, rocking horse and seesaw (close to EN 1176-6)

GB/T 34022: Small amusement facilities, three-dimensional climbing (close to EN 1176-11)

GB/T 30228: Safety Performance Requirements and Test Methods for Ground Impact Attenuation of Sports Ground (Close to EN 1177)

GB 19,272: Safety and General Requirements for Outdoor Fitness Equipment (similar to EN 

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