Tips To Buy Outdoor Playground Equipment
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When we need to purchase outdoor playground equipment for a venue, what aspects should we consider? Today I will share some points that need to be paid attention to. I hope it will be helpful for you to buy outdoor playground equipment in the future.
1.Venue: Before purchasing amusement equipment, we need to accurately measure the site. If there are obstacles such as trees, telephone poles, etc., the size and location of the obstacles should be marked in detail. Usually we will keep 183cm as safety area, if there is local special requirement, please inform us before designing ,so we will leave enough space for it. Otherwise, the children may collide or fall due to the insufficient safety distance while playing. At the same time, please also check the ground is grass or concrete, which is related to the  connection way of installation.


2.Age of user: Different users will have corresponding change when designing. If the target audience of the amusement equipment is lower grade children, we will try to avoid some challenging accessories, such as high-level platform , higher crawling, etc. If the users are mainly aimed at senior students, there will be corresponding changes in the design. For example, the height of all steps above the ground is produced higher than 40cm, so it is more difficult for children in lower grades to climb.


3.Style. There are many different themes of outdoor playground equipment, please refer to our catalog and choose your favorite style, we will make the design according to your venue. If there are specific functional needs, such as swing, physical fitness, etc.,please inform us in advance also.


4.Color. There is a color list for plastic components, if you have a favorite color, please let us know also.
The above are some factors that you need to be considered when buying outdoor playground equipment. Please contact with us for further information.

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