The material of wooden outdoor playground equipment
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Outdoor wooden children's playground products are favored by the market due to their environmental protection properties and natural board texture, especially in some newly built communities, kindergartens, and cultural tourism venues. Usually people don’t care about the type of wood. Today we will talk about wood materials.

The first is the difference in the material itself. Anti-corrosion wood is a collective term for all anti-corrosion woods, not a kind of wood. Generally, the anti-corrosion wood commonly used in the market is mainly pine, and most of the pine wood is imported, such as Russian camphor Pine, Finnish wood (red pine) in Northern Europe, southern pine and Douglas fir in the United States and Canada, each type of wood has its own unique properties and excellent weather resistance. For example, Finnish wood is known for its high strength and is suitable for outdoor wooden planks. Wooden houses, etc., and other woods are suitable for indoor and outdoor use according to the pattern and the thickness of the material, and a variety of wooden amusement equipment with different strengths.


Of course, anticorrosive wood can also be used to produce indoor toys. Due to the different price and quality standards of the wood, some woods are more resistant to cracking, and some cheap woods are more likely to crack due to insufficient maturity, and even regional cores of the same wood. The prices of wood and leftover materials are also different.


Another one that is more commonly used is rose wood (African huanghuali). This kind of wood is a kind of Pterocarpus hedgehog, also known as batim.The characteristics of this kind of wood are high density, fine monomer quality, long weather resistance, and heavier than common anticorrosive wood. Its surface has been polished and painted without burrs, even after high-strength outdoor use for many years. There will be no barbs and cracks due to the characteristics of the wood, but it is still better than conventional anticorrosive wood.


Different venues use different wood, and outdoor amusement equipment generally uses suitable wood according to customer needs, budget and climatic conditions. Of course, the most important thing is workmanship and quality. Even the best wood needs to be made by a factory with skilled production experience.

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