Safety manual of community safety for baby
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Safety manual of community safety for baby Seesaw:Before the baby sits on the seesaw, be sure to tell the baby to hold the armrest, and parents should also stand by the side and grab the seesaw at any time to ensure safety. For babies, the ideal is the kind of seesaw-like activity equipment that can only be shaken by one person sitting on it, such as rocking horses, rocking chairs, etc. The baby can rely on his own strength to rock it. 

Swing:Before the baby plays on the swing, parents should first check whether the chain (or rope) of the swing is firm, whether the chain (or rope) is defective, whether there are hard objects such as nails on the swing chair, etc. Never walk away while your baby is on the swing, lest the chains (or ropes) get tangled or the baby falls off the swing. 

Slide:Parents must first understand whether the facility is safe. Before the baby plays, check it carefully or touch it by hand to see if the equipment is stable or not. Secondly, it is also necessary to clearly understand whether the baby himself is capable of using this facility. Babies under the age of 3 have insufficient hand muscle strength, and reluctance to play with the climbing frame may be dangerous. When the baby is on the slide, it is best for mom and dad to watch from the side, not too far away. 


Other point to pay attention: 

1. Keep your baby within your sight:No matter what time and occasion, keep the baby within your sight, and don't cause irreparable regrets due to the momentary negligence of parents. To avoid accidental injury to the baby, the best way is for parents to take comprehensive care of themselves. Parents usually need to have a complete understanding of the environment and have sufficient knowledge of the care methods of various accidental disasters, which is the best way to avoid accidents.


2. Interaction with other children:Because there are usually many children playing together in the community, parents should pay attention to whether they are prone to pushing or falling when there are too many children, and pay attention to the interaction between the baby and other children to reduce the occurrence of falls or abrasions.

3.Check the environment and baby's clothingWhen playing in the treasure, you must be more careful: check the surface of the playground swings, body frames, slides for loose materials such as sand, stones, tree roots or debris - dangerous asphalt or cement . 

Every 10-meter platform should have a protective barrier—not just a parapet, solid panel, or vertical column. The height of the handrail of the slide should also be appropriate to prevent the baby from falling out of the slide. 

You also need to check your baby's clothing. Some accidents are often caused by loose clothes and lace-up clothes (hoods, capes, scarves) attached to the machine, you must not be careless!

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