Management strategy of children indoor playground equipment during epidemic situation
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It has been more than three years since the outbreak of the epidemic. No matter what industry, it is more or less affected by the epidemic, including the naughty castle project of children's paradise. However, no matter which industry we are in, we should still actively face it and actively look for solutions. The same is true of Naughty Castle. Today, let's analyze the business strategies of the Naughty Castle during the epidemic?

1. Do a good job of sterilization and disinfection.

Under the influence of the epidemic situation, health has become the most concerned issue and the primary factor determining whether tourists will come. Therefore, the children's paradise must be disinfected every day, with good natural ventilation and fresh air systems. The number of children should be limited. Before entering the kindergarten, the temperature should be measured, and the health code should be followed to try to reassure parents. Disinfection and epidemic prevention shall be carried out before closing the hall at night, and ventilation shall be carried out in time the next day to prevent the breeding of germs.

2.To improve the game experience of players.

A hot naughty castle, what is necessary is the new and interesting amusement equipment, so we can update some small games in the park to improve the children's game experience and parents' needs. In short, think more from the perspective of children and parents, so as to stimulate their desire to buy.

3.Make full use of online channels.

Although the offline market will be impacted during the epidemic, some people tend to stay at safe and comfortable homes, so mobile phones are the company, so we can increase online publicity. The amusement park can be consumed online, including online courses, early education, online promotion tickets, etc.

The current epidemic has had an important impact on our lives, especially in the entertainment and amusement industries. However, actively adjusting the business strategy can also make our industry full of vitality and bring more happiness to children

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