Maintenance and repair details of large outdoor slide in children's water park
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The water slide usually appears in the water park or parent-child park. The height of the slide varies from more than 1 meter to more than 20 meters. People who want to experience the slide must go to the top of the platform through the stairs, and then slide down by gravity according to the sliding posture required by the slide. The water slide in the water park originates from people's pursuit of life. According to different seasons and climates, different activities are found. In the hot summer, the water slide can satisfy people's two wishes at one time: 1. relieving the heat; 2. Dynamic stimulation. It can solve people's physical and psychological needs in an all-round way.


1. Before the slide is opened, the slide shall be inspected in an all-round way to see whether there are exposed sharp edges, sharp corners, burrs on the surface of the slide and whether there is water leakage at the bottom of the slide.

2. Whether the water supply equipment of the slide operates normally to ensure the supply of lubricating water for the slide.

3. Regularly check whether the connectors are fastened.

4. The load-bearing components shall be inspected regularly to see if there are cracks and bending deformation in the structure. If found, they must be replaced in time.

5. The slide shall be covered with plastic cloth, coarse cloth or red, white and blue woven cloth during the non use period to prevent the slide from aging, fading and cracking caused by ultraviolet radiation, and to prevent the impact of rain and snow on the service life of the slide. The chute section with cracks shall be replaced (or repaired) in a timely manner, and the interface of the slide shall be treated in a timely manner in case of unevenness, inverted boss or cracks.

6. During the non use period, the paint layer on the surface of metal components shall be checked for peeling and fading. In case of peeling and shedding, it shall be handled in a timely manner. Knock off the peeling and bulge positions, and then polish them before repainting.

7. Regular safety inspection and maintenance shall be organized, and the slide shall be cleaned regularly. If water, sand and scale are found on the surface of the slide, it shall be cleaned and polished with cotton cloth or sandpaper in a timely manner.


Water leakage of the slide: the Sika glue connecting the FRP slide is aging. First remove the old glue and clean it up. Slightly polish the slide joints, then apply Sika glue again to seal them, and smooth them with hands. Scrape off the residual glass glue. After drying, polish the surface with sandpaper to ensure that the body will not scratch when passing by.

Slide cracks: use an angle grinder to polish off the cracks, clean the polished surface (with a brush or cotton cloth) before repair, and then use gel coat of the same color to repair. After curing, first use 400 # water abrasive paper for rough grinding, then 800 # water abrasive paper for semi fine grinding, and finally use 1500 # water abrasive paper for fine grinding to make the slide surface flat and smooth. Finally, use a polishing machine (with 3 # polishing liquid) for polishing.

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