Is it profitable to open a indoor family activity center?
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More and more investors are going to catch the business opportunity of indoor family activity center and planning to start the business with it. So is the return rate of indoor family activity center high? What are its advantages and is it worth to invest in?

Firstly, an excellent market environment

Nowadays, parents are too busy to company with children ,they’ll take children out to play once they are free. Parents always try their best to satisfy with children's desires, usually they will choose indoor family activity center, where both children and parent can have fun.Most indoor family activity center are in shopping malls, where cover all needs of children's shopping and entertainment. At the same time, if some toy and caterings are sold at the indoor family activity center, the profit will be very considerable.

Secondly, estimated budget 

The main investment is rent and indoor trampoline equipment.If the indoor family activity center located in a mid to high end shopping mall, then the corresponding customer groups might be rich, with higher consumption levels and greater investment. However, ticket prices will also increase accordingly.Generally speaking, the area for indoor family activity center in shopping mall will be relatively large, and the selection of equipment should be mainly focused on fashion, novelty and fun. If you plan to open an indoor family activity center in county or small city,we suggest you to take a site about 200㎡ to start it

Thirdly, profit income

After investing in the venue and equipment,  indoor family activity center only needs to pay labor and operating expenses, which is not too much. The monthly flow minus operating costs and previous investment costs is the net profit income. The payback period is generally around 6 months, and there may be equipment maintenance and replacement costs in the later stage, The profit after recouping is still very considerable.

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