How to Select a Trampoline Park Site for Investment?
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Indoor trampoline parks are a perfect combination of sports and entertainment, and have become increasingly popular among the public in recent years. The development of indoor trampoline parks is prosperous also. 70% of the key to the profitability of trampoline parks is location selection, lacking of experience in site selection may bring many difficulties to later operation. How to select the site when investing in a indoor trampoline park? What are the requirements for the type of venue? Let's share the considerations for site selection.

1. Location

The target consumer of trampoline park mainly is teenagers, so we generally recommend the venue be close to places with concentrated pedestrian flow such as schools, commercial centers, large supermarkets and comprehensive amusement parks. The supporting facilities around these places (such as restaurants, parking lots, etc.) are relatively complete, which are helpful to the daily operation of the indoor trampoline park.

2. Site requirements

There should be a flat ground, good ventilation and fewer columns in the site. The site net height should be higher than 4m for kid’s indoor trampoline park and higher than 5m for adult’s trampoline park. If any high-altitude project needed, such as rail fly, the height should be higher than 6m. Regarding area size, if the user are aged from 3-12 years old, we recommend area is around 300㎡. For all age groups, it is recommended to have a venue area over 500㎡. The larger the venue area, the more projects can be included, which enable users to achieve the best satisfied experience and quickly make profits. In a comprehensive indoor trampoline park (≥1000㎡), trampoline equipment only take 55% -70% of the venue, while the remaining area is used for supporting facilities such as coffee shops, viewing platforms, reception areas, etc.

3. Fire protection requirements

a) The laying of electrical circuits must comply with regulatory requirements, when using high-power electrical appliances, sufficient distance should be maintained from combustible materials.

b) The indoor trampoline park site should have at least two safety exits, preferably with an independent fire safety entrance and exit; When the trampoline park is located in a high-rise building, independent safety passages must be set up and fire exits must be kept unobstructed

c) Develop feasible emergency evacuation plans and regularly organize drills to maintain unobstructed evacuation routes. The site must have a safe passage of 1.5 to 1.8 m.

d) Equipped with sufficient fire-fighting equipment, including fire extinguishers, emergency lighting for fire accidents, and evacuation signs

To open a indoor trampoline park, besides trampoline equipment, location selection is very important. A good location can greatly improve the success rate of investment in trampoline parks. We hope above suggestions are helpful to investors.

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