How To Maintain The Swing
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Swing is not only a wonderful competition sport, but also can exercise people's will and cultivate courage. At the same time, it is also very beneficial to the healthy development of human physiological functions. However, when using an outdoor swing chair, do we think of maintaining it?

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First, focus on maintaining the two connection points contacted by the sling. The two connecting points that the sling touches are the places with the most movement. If those two points have been worn out and we don’t know, if we continue to play, accidents may happen at this time. If the sling falls down, it’s not a trivial matter. Yeah, from skin trauma to the worst, bones are broken. Therefore, it is necessary to check these two places regularly and repair them in time.


Second, the swing chair is something that many people will come into contact with. We should wake up and clean it more often. We should clean it frequently. For the parts that cannot be cleaned, we should oil it with paint. Remember not to remove the upper part, because the uneven material on it may be To cause accidental disasters, as for the metal part, a vacuum cleaner is required to suck out the dust on it, and then wipe it with a dry cloth.

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