How to improve the service for parents in indoor trampoline park
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Children are the main consumers of indoor trampoline parks, but the real dominant consumer is parents. Except meeting the needs of children, it is necessary to enhance parents' sense of experience and thereby enhance consumer satisfaction.

1)Set up parents rest areas, such as coffee bars, nail salons, yoga studios, dance studios, etc., so  parents can have their own relaxation moments while accompanying their children. And it can also drive the economy of trampoline park.

2)Prepare disposable towels, band-aids, etc. in play areas. And provide necessary services for children during play. for example, when children sweat heavily and their clothes get wet, staff should promptly remind accompanying parents and provide disposable towels. When children leave the trampoline park, prepare a hair dryer to dry their hair and clothes to prevent outdoor temperature differences from causing them to catch a cold. When customers are playing in the indoor trampoline park more than 30 minutes, the staff should proactively provide customers with water replenishment.

3)Many parents' impression of the indoor trampoline parks comes from the staff there, so the staff must have a good service philosophy, professional skills, enthusiastic attitude, and humanized service. Take regular training on trampoline professional skills, emergency response, etc.

4)Remember customer's name, birthday, etc., treat parents like friends, have more emotional interaction and do favor as much as we can, such as taking care of children while parents having temporary affairs, etc. These actions can establish good emotional relationships with parents, then they’ll naturally trust our indoor trampoline park and come to consume as much as possible. 

Sincerely serving customers and providing more humanized services is the key to children and parents' trust and like our indoor adventure trampoline park.

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