How to design a popular indoor trampoline park?
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In the decoration design of indoor trampoline park, safety is always the first priority. When decorating and designing, it should be noted that the purchased materials must meet relevant standards, and must not contain toxic substances and radioactive substances. When decorating, avoid straight, sharp and hard things to prevent scratches and bumps. theme. On the basis of ensuring safety, the trampoline park is renovated, and various factors are considered comprehensively to design a trampoline park that is popular with customers. 

Color design: In the selection of colors for indoor trampoline parks, first of all, it must meet the characteristics of customers of different ages, so as to be more liked by the public and gain their psychological approval. Children love natural colors, and they can reflect and grasp themselves very well in this color environment. The use of the inherent color or the same color system of natural creatures can make it easier for children to identify, and the appropriate contrasting colors can have a strong appeal and impact on the color. In an environment such as an indoor trampoline park, warm colors with high color brightness will make people feel happy. 


Design of the park: The exterior design of the indoor trampoline park should be visually lively, close to nature, and the exterior appearance is full of vivid expression. This is good for training children's cognitive abilities. The fusion of ever-changing images in the appearance can satisfy the fantasy of most things, and recognize more images on the basis of having a bionic appearance. The appearance of the indoor trampoline park equipment should be interesting, meet the preferences of adults and children, and conform to the public's mind. 


Theme for the park: The decoration design of the indoor trampoline park must be based on the positioning of the theme, and the decoration design style should be based on the principle of attracting the attention of different groups of people; it should be designed according to the preferences of the public to highlight the diversity of the theme park; the sensory stimulation must be extraordinary during the decoration design. Allow customers to experience the fun that is not usually available; the play experience must be diverse, not only for children, but also suitable for the needs of various groups of people for play. A variety of rest, entertainment and dining spaces can also be placed in one indoor hall space. 


In order to adapt to possible changes, there should be sufficient flexibility and variability in the separation of spaces and the configuration of activity facilities. Therefore, corresponding measures need to be taken in the selection of structural materials and the decoration design of the construction of indoor trampoline parks.

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