How to choose the suitable children indoor playground area
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Children indoor playground is very popular by all age group children, it’s a nice option for both kids and parent to spend a happy weekends. Business there is good and many investor have plan to set up kids indoor soft play. To start with, how big it is would be your best choice? How to decide the area of indoor playground center? We’d like to share some points for children indoor play center selection.

1.Population size

Generally speaking, 100㎡children indoor playground park can accommodate 20 to 50 children playing at the same time, 20 children slightly empty, site utilization rate is not high; 50 children will be slightly crowded, the customer experience is not good; so 30 to 40 children/㎡ is the best. Then you can roughly estimate how big the area should be based on the population around your venue.

2.Target customers

A nice environment will win more customers.When determining the size of the kids indoor soft playground zone, it’s also necessary to consider target customer’s needs. For example, in first and second tier cities, accommodating 50 children per 100㎡ might make customers feel cramped and lose their desire to consume; In rural areas, accommodating 50 children per 100㎡make customers feel lively and enjoyable. So before making a decision of location area, investor also need to understand personal space needs of target customers.

3.Target Budget

The size of kids indoor soft activity center also depends on investor's financial. Generally, 100 to 200㎡ are typical business model. If investors have less funds, they can open a slightly smaller area but include kids favorite indoor amusement projects, such as slides, ball pools, small trampoline and other popular games; If there’s enough fund, investor can establish a larger children indoor playground center with more comprehensive amusement equipment, such as indoor soft play, ninjia , rope course, climbing wall etc.,

No matter how big the children indoor playground park it is,reasonable design,high quality products, professional marketing policy, all of these will help you a successful business.

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