How to choose outdoor fitness equipment
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The outdoor fitness equipment that can be seen everywhere provides convenience for people's fitness anytime and anywhere. But it should also be used scientifically. Otherwise, it is counterproductive. We should not only take physical exercise but also avoid injury, so that we can  achieve the goal of fitness. Then how to choose outdoor fitness equipment? We will share some experience with you.

Quality standard

Be sure to know whether the parameters of outdoor fitness equipment meet international standards. International standards are calculated by experts based on long-term research on the most suitable height and stretch of the human body during exercise. These parameters will directly affect the user's exercise quality. The quality of fitness equipment conforming to the national standard parameters must be guaranteed. The fitness equipment that does not meet the standard is likely to deform, rust, paint off and other problems after one or two years of use. The high-quality outdoor fitness equipment that meets the standard will not have the above problems

Production process

1)Fine workmanship:such as bending technology, welding technology, surface treatment technology and the quality of vulnerable parts, are closely related to the quality of finished equipment. The welding interface of equipment with good quality is flat, smooth and burr-free, and the welding interface of equipment with poor quality will have holes and pits, which will directly affect the beauty and even affect the personal safety of users; Whether the surface of the equipment has luster and texture depends mainly on the spraying process of the equipment. The equipment that has been treated by electrostatic powder spraying can be installed outdoors to ensure that it will not fade, fade, weather resistant and weather resistant within five years.

2)Steel thickness: outdoor fitness equipment is generally welded with steel pipes, and the thickness of each part is the same but also different. Generally, the thickness of the column is relatively thick, which also directly affects the service life and safety of the equipment. We use 2.5mm galvanized steel pipe. Compared with 2mm thick steel pipe from other manufacturers, the material is more solid and the fitness equipment is stronger

3)Durability: which takes a long time to accumulate. Customers can refer to the brand's after-sales service. Generally, the warranty period of outdoor fitness equipment is one year. During the warranty period, the manufacturer will replace any non-human damaged parts for free

Style design

There are many types and colors of outdoor fitness equipment. According to different site requirements and overall design themes, manufacturers can provide different model style for selection. Customized fitness equipment are also acceptable according to fitness purpose and venue requirements. There are also outdoor fitness equipment especially for disabled people. Whether in the community or community square, the majority user of fitness equipment are elderly and children, so when choosing outdoor fitness equipment, try to choose the style which are more suitable for the elderly and children.

After sales

After-sales problems are also closely related to brands. Big brands will pay more attention to brand influence, brand maintenance and customer interests, which is also an intangible guarantee for our consumers. When comparing the quality, we should also pay attention to after-sales service of the outdoor fitness equipment, such as the warranty time. Generally, the warranty period of outdoor fitness equipment is one year, and the manufacturer will repair all non-human damage free of charge within the warranty period.

Based on the above four points, I hope you can have a preliminary understanding of how to select outdoor fitness equipment.

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