How to choose a potential site for indoor naughty castle
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Entrepreneurship is a homework that requires continuous study and hard work in order to reap the fruits of success. Opening a naughty castle, a good location is equal to half the success. The following strategy is very useful for reference. 

Generally speaking, shopping malls have relatively stable customer flow, wide customer base coverage, and high conversion rate. Many parents bring their children with them when shopping, and the consumption potential is very high; Some will set up a children's area, which is a good location for naughty castles; in addition, it is a rental mall, which may not have a specific children's area, so it is necessary to measure the type of customer sources outside the mall.Of course, if you choose to settle in the mall, you should avoid the following points: 

1: The naughty castle is stationed in the supermarket, and there are strict fire protection requirements. For example, it should not be installed in buildings with four floors or above or underground or semi-underground. The materials of the facilities should be non-combustible, flame-retardant or flame-retardant materials. , Some shopping malls may not understand this aspect, mislead investors, lead to unqualified fire inspection, forced to close, thus causing heavy losses to investors. 

2: In order to meet the needs of investment promotion, some businessmen in shopping malls have conducted multiple investment invitations for the same category, resulting in a bad competitive environment in the shopping mall. Before entering the mall, learn more about the needs of investment promotion and ask to sign an exclusive agreement to protect your own interests from being damaged. 


Before choosing a site, the first thing to do is market research.The coverage area of the naughty castle is between 1.5-3 kilometers (the introduction of educational resources, supermarkets, etc. are calculated separately). To determine the surrounding school-age children, you can use the map app to locate and search for the surrounding kindergartens, primary schools, etc. for investigation. After completing the student source survey, it is necessary to understand the life rhythm of the parents. Generally speaking, parents with a fast-paced life have less company with their children. Therefore, many parent-child activities have become the favorite projects of parents, and the positioning of Naughty Castle is just right. It can meet the needs of parents to accompany their children in their free time. 


In addition, it is necessary to understand the unit price of the surrounding merchants, so as to estimate the consumption power of the families in the area and whether they have good consumption potential. It is best to choose a region with high consumption potential and the consumption power in line with the price of Naughty Castle tickets. Limited cost incentives greater gains. 

 Above are the points for your reference.

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