How Much Cost To Open A Indoor Trampoline Park
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The indoor trampoline park is an amusement project that covers young people. They can not only make new friends but also exercise properly. Many investors are optimistic about this business. How much does the trampoline park cost? If you want to invest, you mush clearly the cost are for what


1.Venue lease. A suitable venue is a necessary condition for the trampoline park and the rent also accounts for a large proportion of the investment. Usually we recommend a site area of more than 500㎡. Of course, the larger the better, so that more projects can be set up and more people can be attracted to consume. And in terms of negotiating rent with the landlord, the larger the area, the greater the possibility of preferential treatment. Generally you need to prepay part of the rent to the landlord and this part of the funds is also an aspect you have to consider.


2. Equipment purchase. The cost of trampoline equipment, which includes the ex-factory price of the product, transportation, customs and commercial taxes, etc. In theory, the production cycle of trampoline equipment takes about one month and so did shipping by sea. You must also take this time cost into account and carry out some other tasks at the same time as placing the order, such as site cleaning, wire laying, etc.


3. Staff recruitment and training. Taking a 500㎡site as an example, we usually need to arrange 15 staff. After completing the recruitment, we need to conduct personnel training to enable them to master professional nursing and training knowledge, as well as learn how to perform routine maintenance on the equipment, such as cleaning software, checking fasteners, etc. They also should know the knowledge of emergency treatment in case someone is injured at the scene.


4.Accidental maintenance. If the trampoline is damaged due to improper operation, you need to bear the maintenance cost. So please avoid using sharp objects and corrosive liquids during use


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