How does indoor playground industry to survive under the pandemic
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In 2021, the COVID-19 epidemic is raging, and all industries have been suspended. The children's amusement industry has also become a hard-hit industry. How does the operation and survival of the indoor playground break through? The summary is as follows, I hope to help and inspire everyone!

In terms of hardware facilities, it is necessary to ensure the sanitation of the children’s playground, check the temperature of the children and adults who come to play, do a good job of registration, do a good job of disinfection, control when there are too many people, and the staff must do every day for children’s amusement equipment Good disinfection, to ensure a safe, clean and happy children's playground for children.

In response to the impact of the epidemic, performance will be significantly affected, and costs can be adjusted internally. Rent is a relatively large expense. Negotiate with the landlord to reduce the rent and reach an amount that everyone accepts. Control the number of employees and reduce labor costs. In order to stimulate consumption, lower the tickets, attract more babies to play, and increase the income of some profit points in the children's playground.


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