Four kinds of outdoor climbing equipment for children
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1.Climbing Frame 

The physical development of early children is mainly divided into the development of gross motor and fine motor. Gross motor development includes: crawling, sitting, running, climbing, jumping, sliding, and swimming. Except for the development of other gross movements other than swimming, the climbing frame can be satisfied. It is the climbing frame that breaks through the cramped space in the traditional interior, with a floor height of 2 meters, which is very convenient for parents and children to play together. 


2.Net Cage 

Cages can be either outdoor or indoor. It can be extended or curved, and various postures can be customized. When children drill through the net cage, they need to bend down and move forward. At the same time, they also need to pay attention to the coordination between the eyes and the body and limbs, so as not to step in the air or touch the top of the net cage. 

3.Climbing Wall 

Rock climbing, in addition to physical exercise, is actually the most valuable thing that allows children to improve their self-affirmation and self-confidence in the process of striving for improvement; this kind of self-challenging sport is better than ordinary ball games, etc. It is more conducive to the positive development of personality. 


4.Rainbow Net 

Rainbow Net has rainbow trees, colorful caves, suspended flying saucers and other styles. Colors, sizes and specifications can be customized. It is made of colorful ropes, and the rainbow web like a spider's web can always easily attract the attention of children. Through the rainbow net, children can jump, jump, roll, climb, climb...and slide to the bottom along the slope of the rainbow net. Let your child get a good workout while having fun.


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