Comparison of different indoor trampoline park location
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The location selection of indoor trampoline park is an important consideration factor in the early stage of investment, it has a significant impact on the operation of the trampoline park and it is also a sufficient condition about profitability. It is generally recommended to be close to schools, large communities and other places with high youth flow. Such as shopping centers, large supermarkets, amusement parks, etc. Generally speaking, there are several types of indoor trampoline park location,as well as advantages and disadvantages analysis, please choose the best option according to your needs and investment budget:

1.Commercial Centre

Advantages: Large pedestrian flow and well supporting facilities

Disadvantages: The area is relatively small and the height is limited; High rent

2.Warehouse renovation

Advantages: The area is large, the height is suitable for all kinds high altitude projects and a comprehensive trampoline theme park can be done; Rent is relatively cheap

Disadvantage: Relatively remote geographical location and limited pedestrian flow

3.Mall Atrium

Advantages: Large pedestrian flow, unlimited height

Disadvantage: The area is small; Time control and on-site management are relatively difficult.

4.Renovation of cultural and sports centers

Advantages: unlimited height, regular venue and diverse area sizes; Well supporting facilities and convenient transportation

Disadvantage: High rent

In summary, we recommend commercial center among all options. But there are different promotion plans and business models for different locations, and we are confident to make all kind of indoor trampoline park satisfied with you.I hope our professional advice is helpful

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