Analysis of the prospects and advantages of unpowered amusement facilities
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In recent years, driven by the development of the tourism industry and the development of the cultural tourism industry, the role of unpowered amusement facilities in various fields of theme parks, scenic spots, and commercial real estate facilities has gradually increased. Under such heat, a large number of unpowered amusement facilities began to be born and appeared in people's field of vision.

The development speed of unpowered outdoor amusement equipment in recent years is amazing, which is not only driven by the market, but also has its own reasons for making changes to meet the needs of social development. Compared with traditional powered outdoor amusement equipment, unpowered outdoor amusement equipment has advantages and disadvantages. Knowing the advantages of unpowered outdoor amusement equipment is of great significance for promoting the improvement and management of amusement equipment. What are the advantages of powered outdoor amusement equipment?

1.The advantage ofunpowered outdoor amusement equipment is that it has a higher safety factor. Safety is the lifeline of amusement equipment, and unpowered outdoor amusement equipment satisfies this well. It pays more attention to the subjective participation of people. To a certain extent, it is static, but its changeable combination And the collocation makes it not boring, and the fun is not reduced at all.

2.The advantageofunpowered outdoor amusement equipment is good interaction. This is reflected in the careful design and scientific collocation of its products. Unpowered outdoor amusement equipment can be experienced and felt alone by one person, or multiple people can compete and play together. The current unpowered outdoor amusement equipment is more comprehensive and complex. More emphasis is placed on interpersonal collaboration and interaction, which coincides with children's need to play with their playmates and their desire to make friends

3.The advantages ofunpowered outdoor play equipment are longer life cycles and lower maintenance costs. Because it has no power element, it has less loss, especially it is made of plastic and other materials, which has strong wear resistance and anti-corrosion ability, so the maintenance cost is also lower.

4.The advantage ofunpowered outdoor amusement equipment is that the subjective experience is stronger. Unpowered outdoor amusement equipment usually pays attention to the creation of IP stories. Its shapes can be strange and have a strong sense of creativity. It is easy to bring the children in it into the prescribed setting, and let them give full play to their imagination, so as to be in harmony with the uninitiated. The power outdoor amusement equipment is attached closer, which greatly enhances the experience of the amusement.

In the future,unpowered amusement facilities will incorporate more new elements, new gameplay, and pay more attention to the experience of customers. Themed unpowered amusement parks will also become the development trend of unpowered amusement facilities. In the design of power amusement facilities, it will attract more customers to participate in the experience. It is believed that unpowered amusement facilities will become the leading project of amusement projects in the future.

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